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Adventure Channel Latam S.L

Adventure Channel LATAM and battlefield archeology have come together to develop the field of metal detection at the archaeological level in Mexico, seeking the approval of institutions such as the INAH National Institute of Anthropology and History conducting seminars for archaeologists and dilettantes under the supervision of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Historical Heritage of Mexico

A great effort is made to generate commercial alliances to promote brands and quickly position themselves in this project.

Under the leadership of Daniel Vanderleven, he trains archaeologists in a professional manner using metal detection, geophysics and electromagnetism equipment, creating the first professional seminar in Latin America; with more than 5,000 registered findings, he has participated in series broadcast by Discovery Channel, wag tv in England, Griyo TV from Argentina, THM FILMS.

Currently developing the investigation for the location of the buried cannons, in one of the most interesting episodes of the battle for the independence of Mexico

Some brands with which they have come into contact: Dockers, NAE, Motorola, Government of the State of Hidalgo, Secretary of Tourism, BLACK BUCK, POLAR, THM FILMS.

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